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Issue 30 – 4/2007

Wudangshan – The sacred mountain of the true warrior
By Yürgen Oster

The Wudang Mountains are one of the holy sites of Daoism and according to legend are
the cradle of Taijiquan. Yürgen Oster, who has already visited the Wudangshan several
times, recounts how this region became a centre of Daoist culture over the centuries and
describes the state in which visitors will find it today. In a second part he will turn to the
forms of Qigong and internal martial arts that arose there and that are practised there

Strengthening the female energy
Interview with Tina Chunna Zhang

Tina Chunna Zhang, who has been living and teaching in the USA since the 1980s, has
applied her many years of experience with internal martial arts and Qigong to develop her
own Qigong system for women. This system aims specifically to promote yin energy, to strengthen the female organism and also to harmonize it at the mental and emotional
levels. During a workshop in Darmstadt, Christine Will und Barbara Nowak took the
opportunity to ask Tina Zhang about »Earth Energy Qigong« in more detail.

»The Smile of the Woodcarver«
A Daoist story reinterpreted. By Ralph Rousseau

In his work »The True Book of the Land of Southern Blossoms« the famous philosopher
Zhuangzi gives a compelling account of Daoist thinking, the quest to achieve unity with all living things and the state of Wuwei. Ralph Rousseau uses the story of the woodcarver to show the profound lessons we can learn from this. In the process he consciously interprets
the text from his contemporary perspective, influenced by years of experience as a Taiji
teacher, psychotherapist and seeker for spiritual truth. He puts particular emphasis on the significance of an open mind and connectedness with all being.

Scientifically tested Taijiquan and Qigong

Results of a study with older people. By Dan Ferber

Recent years have seen frequent publication of research results about the positive effects of Taiji and Qigong training on health. As a result of this older people too are increasingly showing interest in these arts. One person who has promoted such studies is Dr. Yang Yang, who runs a centre for Taijiquan and Qigong in Champaign, Illinois and also cooperates with the local university. Dan Ferber, one of his students, reports about his work and the results of studies which show that the Qigong and Taijiquan programme devised by Dr. Yang improves the sense of balance in older people and strengthens their immune system. Dr. Yang here emphasizes the importance of combining Taiji form training with Qigong exercises, and in particular with static Qigong, to achieve optimum results.

On the path to honesty
Interview with Peter Ralston

Peter Ralston has almost 50 years of experience in various internal and external martial arts and in 1978 was the first non-Asian to win the full-contact world championships in Taiwan. Moreover he has devoted study to various forms of bodywork, to anatomy and to meditation and has developed his own martial art system, Cheng Hsin. In an interview with Almut Schmitz he explains the special quality of the »effortless power« he teaches, also contrasting this to concepts in Taijiquan, and the focus of his work: the ceaseless quest for honesty towards oneself. This includes questioning all traditional ideas about, for instance, the martial arts or Qigong in order to discover what is really true.
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Lu – Reichtum
By Wang Ning

In addition to a long life and happiness, wealth is regarded in China as the third main goal
in life and one that is inseparably linked to the other two. Concepts of what constitutes
wealth have changed through the ages, as is reflected by the various characters for this term. Finding the right degree would seem to be the most important principle in this context.