Vol.5, issue 3/2001


Information Exchange about Topics on Qigong in Different Professional Fields
Working Groups Introduce Themselves
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Taijiquan is the Embodiment of Daoist Teachings
Taijiquan, the Product of Daoism Best Adapted to Society.
By Liu Sichuan
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The Daoyin Yangsheng Gong
Interview with Professor Zhang Guang De.
By Martin Pendzialek
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Dr. Tao - Master of Water
Experiences with an impressive teacher.
By Detlef Klossow
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Riding the Merry Go Round with John Wayne
Qigong in School with Difficult Groups of Pupils.
By Horst Hofmann
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The Case of the Suppressed Knee
Fundamentals about the causes of and remedies for knee problems in Taijiquan. By Ömer Humbaraci and Juliane Koch from the »European Institute for Tai Chi Studies e. V.
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