Vol 2, issue 4/2000


On the Present Situation of Qigong in China
A Report. By Petra Hinterthür
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The Unity of Shen, Xin and Yi
About the Interaction of the Different Expressions of Conscience
By Zhang Chang Chang
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How does Health Develop?
The Model of »Salutogenese« Describes Tasks for Qigong and Taijiquan
By Christian Auerbach
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The Skeleton: Secretly in the Service of Taijiquan?
By Ömer Humbaraci
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Practising Tirelessly While Still Having Fun...
Taiji Master Wee Kee Jin
By Daniel Grolle-Moscovici
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A Very Extended Family
The Development of Different Styles in the Chen Family.
By Dietmar Stubenbaum
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Employing the Theories of the Old Masters in Ones’ Own Practise
About the Principles of Wu Style Taijiquan.
By Ma Jiangbao
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Yin and Yang in School
The Energetics of everyday School Life and Perspectives for a Use of Qigong.
By Joachim Stuhlmacher
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5th annual conference of the National Qigong Associatiion of America
By Ronnie Robinson
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